Fall 2015 • Vol. 10, No. 3

Fall 2015 Issue Cover

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From the Editor, Fall 2015

Welcome to the Fall 2015 issue of The Objective Standard. The way in which today’s parents raise their children substantially determines the extent to which the next generation of adults will embrace (or reject) reason, egoism, and capitalism. Are today’s children encouraged to think for themselves, to design their own lives, to innovate? Or are they encouraged to turn to authorities, to follow the crowd, to accept the status quo? Children raised in a manner that fosters independent thinking, self-interested action, and creativity are, as adults, more likely to embrace philosophic, moral, and political ideals that follow from those virtues. They are also more likely to invent and produce values that enhance and extend our lives. For these and related reasons, I think parents and non-parents alike will appreciate this issue’s cover article, “How To Raise a Life-Loving Child.” The essay, coauthored by my wife, Sarah, and me, spirals through various parenting situations and stages of child development, showing how one principle—which we call the “Master Question”—provides profoundly helpful guidance at every point and turn. We hope you enjoy the article as much as we enjoyed writing it. We extend a special thanks to Quent Cordair Fine Art and to painter Bryan Larsen for his breathtaking cover art,. . . Continue »

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