Summer 2017

Vol. 12, No. 2
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Egoism, Benevolence, and Generosity

Captain Cook: Explorer of the Enlightenment

Secular, Objective Morality: Look and See

Religion Is Super Subjectivism

The Vital Function of the Left-Right Political Spectrum

Don’t Blame Republicans for Failure to Repeal Obamacare

Enslaved by Altruism

Seven Great Poems on Independence


From the Editor, Summer 2017

From Tos Blog

The Shapiro Principle: A Godsend for Lovers of Liberty

A Step Toward Rational Secularism Is Better than None

Shapiro Denies and Affirms the Law of Identity

Reason and Capitalism, or Unreason and Environmentalism: Choose Wisely

The Poor, Disabled, and Helpless Under Capitalism

Dennis Prager’s Faith Meets Jihad in the Name of “God”

A Challenge to Dennis Prager about Secular Morality

Why the Prager-Shermer Debate Will Go Essentially Nowhere

The Muddy Waters of the Nolan Chart

My Non-Sacrificial Donation of Stem Cells to Save a Life

Adam Smith Institute’s Eamonn Butler Extols Ayn Rand