Summer 2017 • Vol. 12, No. 2

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From the Editor, Summer 2017

Welcome to the Summer 2017 issue of The Objective Standard—also known as the journal for people of reason. This issue continues our pivot away from heavy focus on politics and toward greater focus on deeper philosophy and the arts. I hope you’re enjoying this change of direction as much as we are and finding the articles both clarifying and entertaining. Let us know what you think! First up is my article “Egoism, Benevolence, and Generosity,” which shows that the latter two elements, although not moral virtues per se, can be and often are profoundly selfish, given certain objective provisos. Next is Timothy Sandefur’s essay, “Captain Cook: Explorer of the Enlightenment,” which paints a delightful (albeit occasionally horrifying) picture of this insufficiently recognized hero. (Special thanks to artist Geoff Hunt for permitting us to use an image of his painting, Endeavor Leaving Plymouth, with the online version of this article.) My piece “Secular, Objective Morality: Look and See” lays out a vivid, step-by-step derivation of the foundations and basic principles of Ayn Rand’s Objectivist ethics. (This is one to share with friends,. . . Continue »

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